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NASCEND is an innovative clinical solution, education and technology company dedicated to improving outcomes for infants and families affected by maternal substance use disorder (SUD).

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Each year, an estimated 15% of infants are affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol or illicit drugs. That means 1 infant is born every 15 minutes requiring treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) resulting in an aggregate cost of care of more than $2.5 billion.

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Babies born with NAS in 2024
4 babies born with NAS every hour

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NASCEND is transforming the experience of NAS with technology, live training, evidence-supported guidelines, and family-focused intervention. Based on our comprehensive Continuum of Care, the NASCEND approach engages and educates families as early as the 1st trimester, continues with in-hospital newborn care, and follows through to 3-year developmental and nutritional follow up.

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Based on early intervention, education and family-focused care, NASCEND decreases the need for treatment, NICU admissions and length of stay in the hospital. NASCEND effectively reduces healthcare costs while increasing transparency, family engagement and provider satisfaction.

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45 Days
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With a mission that is greater than profit, we prioritize people, progress, our community and the environment.

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