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Our results are life changing. Infants supported with NASCEND’s Continuum of Care are less likely to be admitted to the NICU, are treated with comfort over medication, and spend less time in the hospital.

Less time

in the hospital
Length of Stay
45 Days
45 Days
Length of Treatment
39 Days
39 Days

Length of stay for infants requiring medication treatment was decreased from 45 to 12 days due to a significant reduction in the length of treatment from 39 to 7 days.

Infants treated before Continuum:



Better assessments and focusing on comfort first led to a reduction in the number of infants requiring opiate medication.



NASCEND’s Continuum of Care significantly reduces the cost of care for substance exposed infants. Decreasing the number of infants admitted to the NICU and the length of hospital stay for those treated resulted in a per patient savings of nearly $40,000.

74% Reduction in Cost of Patient Care

making a difference

one family at a time
  • Better family engagement
  • Improved maternal education & transparency
  • Increased prenatal care by 2nd trimester
  • Optimized infant nutrition & growth
  • Decreased child protective services (CPS) involvement
  • Increased reliability in infant assessment
  • Improved nursing satisfaction, education & resources
Healthcare providers trained

Training health providers


NASCEND has presented a new paradigm of care for NAS to thousands of healthcare providers in more than 38+ states. This nationwide training has impacted the lives of more than 1.4 million infants and their families.

I feel so much more confident now taking care of patients with NAS.

Registered Nurse
Boston, MA

I think re-evaluation and revamping NAS scoring was long overdue!

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Fayetteville, NC

I am from the nursing admin area and this is all new information for me and very important.

Nursing Administrator
Houston, TX

I am a new NICU nurse and this was extremely helpful to me.

Registered Nurse
Charlotte, NC

As an unfortunate “up and coming” (growing all the time) aspect of care, all the information I learned will be of benefit to my OB nursing students.

Nurse Practitioner
Denver, CO

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