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NASCEND provides solutions that decrease healthcare costs and improve both immediate and long-term outcomes for substance exposed infants and their families.

Improved Care

From pregnancy to pediatrics

NASCEND offers live virtual and in-person training; online learning; tools and technology; and consulting services designed for all levels of healthcare and supporting providers. From comprehensive training series to expert evaluation of your programs for substance exposed infants, NASCEND can meet the needs of your healthcare organization.

Live Training

& Education

NASCEND Live is our live virtual and in-person training event series. We deliver evidence-supported, dynamic, interactive education to improve care for substance exposed infants. Our training events include:

NASCEND Engage Series

2-hour interactive education that provides a foundation for healthcare providers on the following topics:

  • Continuum: Family-Centered Continuum of Care for Substance Exposed Infants
  • Comfort: Comfort Care for Substance Exposed Infants
  • Nutrition: Better Nutrition, Better Outcomes for Substance Exposed Infants
  • Pediatric: Pediatric Care & Follow-Up for Substance Exposed Infants
NASCEND Focus Series*

Half-day, interactive sessions that provide more in-depth perspective with actionable guidelines on the following topics:

  • Prenatal: Care for Pregnant Women With Substance Use Disorder
  • Assess: Evaluating Infants With In-Utero Substance Exposure
  • Comfort: Comfort Care for Substance Exposed Infants
  • Nutrition: Nutrition for Substance Exposed Infants
  • Rx: Pharmacological Treatment for Substance Exposed Infants
  • Pediatric: Pediatric Care & Follow-Up for Substance Exposed Infants

    *Note: Focus Series events are only available as part of a NASCEND Consult package

NASCEND Essential Conference

A full-day training program on NASCEND’s continuum of care for substance exposed infants. The Essential Conference covers everything from care for pregnant women with substance use disorder to the long-term needs of infants with substance exposure. Key recommendations, guidelines and tools like our proprietary NASCEND Pockets Cards lead to immediate change in bedside care.

Online Learning

NASCEND Learn offers a comprehensive online curriculum to educate healthcare providers and associated support service providers on the most effective care for substance-affected infants and families. Our web-based courses feature high-quality content from subject matter experts including videos, quizzes, handouts and interactive activities. Each NASCEND Learn course provides one contact hour for ongoing professional certification, and annual subscriptions enable you to proceed through the curriculum at your own pace.

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NASCEND Consult offers hospitals a multidimensional approach to improving care for infants with substance exposure. Utilizing one-on-one time with an expert, hospitals can get answers to specific questions, address problems, enhance their existing program and even establish a foundation for a new program. NASCEND Consult incorporates training that is optimized to truly meet each institution’s specific needs.

NASCEND Consult includes:
  • Preliminary discovery & readiness session
  • Live in-person or virtual consultation
  • Optional live in-person or virtual NASCEND Focus training sessions* for staff
  • Post-event work session for hospital management

    *Note: Focus events will be selected based on advance consultation

To discuss the needs of your hospital:

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Pocket Cards

NASCEND has created a handy reference tool with key recommendations, guidelines and information presented in a concise and easy-to-use format. Based on our online and live training sessions, these cards can help you implement improved standards of care for substance exposed infants and their families. Designed to fit in your pocket and printed on vinyl so they’re easy to clean, these cards are easy to keep on hand and safe to use whenever you need them.

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